Roadmap for v1.0

v0.     DONE (21.10.2015)
New feature:
– Translations
Easy way for users to create a translation of Organon

v0.    DONE (26.10.2015)
New feature:
– Organon Templates
Project Templates.
Already linked files will be possible. (A title page for instance)

v0.     DONE (10.11.2015)
– Rewrite of Organon’s sidebar (maybe, depends on my test results).
This will be a bigger change of the code. Advantages are:
– Full control. Renaming of tags won’t be problematic.
– Future changes in OO’s or LO’s API won’t touch Organon too much, so I
can go on writing almost the same code for OO and LO.

v0.    DONE (30.11.2015)
– Completing the Organizer

EDIT: With this version tags also became freely configurable

v0.    DONE (17.12.2015)
Design Issues:
– Open all popup windows at the same position
– Make sure text is visible on all OS
– Use Organon Design in popups and menu windows as well

EDIT: As I found and solved some bugs while coding v0. I decided to release that version earlier although it’s not completely finished yet. Therefore a further version is needed.

EDIT: Due to the fact I found even more bugs caused by the last changes, I released v0.  and v0. quite fast.  DONE (20.12.2015)

v0.    DONE (05.01.2016)
Design Issues:
– Smaller changes on the design still have to be done


v0.9.9.9b DONE (11.01.2016)
– All Functions completed,
last release before 1.0, for testing and solving bugs only.
(Should be almost stable already)

EDIT: A search function to open search results in new tabs is still missing. I’m still thinking about if it really makes sense and how it should be implemented. (In the new tab dialog or seperated)


v0. DONE (22.01.2016)
Added two features, which were always planned:

  • A search function and the possibility to remove tags from the whole document.
    The search function allows to open the search results in a new tab, to tag the results and to mark them. Furthermore it’s possible to search for several terms at once or to use regular expressions.

This was the last release with added features before 1.0. Further releases of are for solving bugs only.


v0. DONE (23.01.2016)


v0. DONE (11.03.2016)
Cross-references aren’t working properly. This is an issue in OO/LO, as cross-references are broken on master documents (between linked documents). I’ll try to set up internal cross-references in Organon. On export one might choose between converting them back to usual OO/LO references and removing them.


v0. DONE (1.04.2016)
Some fine-tuning on cross-references. Checking table of content and index entries.


Moved Organon’s search function to the sidebar.

  • Searches get saved
  • Results are browsable
  • Single Entries can be removed from the results
  • Further editing of the results can be done afterwards


Solving remaining bugs and issues on the issues list.

Hopefully the last version before 1.0


Translations of Organon (obsolete with the new translation function in v0.

Since Organon v0.9.9.4b users might create their own translations for Organon’s surface.

One has to find the file “” on disk and open it with a text editor. It doesn’t have to be translated completely, translate how much you like.

(Full Path should look similar to this: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\4\user\uno_packages\cache\uno_packages\lu83l82.tmp_\organon.oxt\languages)

The translation has to be saved to the same folder of “”. “en” has to be exchanged with you country code, respectively with the country code your LO / OO Writer uses.

The two-letter country codes can be found in the column 639-1 here:

There are some rules that have to be respected:

  • Translations have to be nested with quotes (single, double or triple)
  • The nesting quotes can’t be used inside the translation. (‘ I’m here’) won’t work. Use (” I’m here “) or (”’ I’m here ”’) instead.
  • Curly Brackets and “%s” have to be kept and they have to appear as many times as in the original.

If you did a translation and like to share it, send it to me and I will distribute it with Organon. “organon_err(@)web(.)de” (without brackets)

If you like to improve my english version of Organon, you’re welcome as well.


Tags in the sidebar can’t be easily renamed. A future enhancement will be user nameable tags. That will solve the renaming of tags in the sidebar also.

Some hints about speed

Working with a huge amount of files (100+) takes its time. Therefore I give some hints how to speed up the handling of Organon.

Organon uses sections to manage all the files of the treeview. Clicking on an entry in the treeview makes a specific section visible and links a specific file to it. This linking requires time.

So here are my tips:

  • The main speed brake is showing folders. Therefore one should avoid to click on folders with a huge amount of files. Most often this will be the project folder. But as Organon is about splitting texts into smaller entities and organizing them in folders, subfolders can be created. A subfolder with 10/15 files won’t take much time to open.
  • On changing tabs Organon selects the last edited file of that tab. A change to a tab where a file was selected is much faster than if a folder was selected.
  • Closed folders are easier to move around and speed up the creation of files or folders beneath them.
  • LO 5x: Sometimes the scrolling of the mouse on the document window isn’t fluid. That happens mostly on longer or imported texts. It helps to select and deselect the whole text (ctrl a). I don’t know the exact reason for this behaviour, but I think, it’s a problem of LO 5x, as it’s no problem on OO or on LO 4.4.5 portable.

Enhancements / Feature Requests

As I’ve got some suggestions for enhancements and new features via different channels (mail, github etc.), I bundle all of them here. Please use this blog entry for comments and discussing.

(Hint: You don’t need to leave your real email to make a comment.)


Heading for version 1.0

As I implemented the main features into Organon now, I need some feedbacks about user experiences, issues, errors or related topics. So this site is for comments on Organon.

Organon is open source and its code can be found here:                                       

Before you consider something to be an issue, have a look at the issue tracker:

Feel free to leave a comment!